The Success of Mercari Donation and the Easy Donation Setting in Our Financial Results

Mercari Donation featured in financial report

On February 13, Mercari announced its financial results for the six months ended December 31, 2023, which the Group compiled and published in a presentation.

Information about the company’s donation initiatives were featured in the ESG section of financial results material for the first time ever.

Two bullet points in the ESG section of the financial results material described Mercari’s donation initiatives under the title, ESG—Making Donations Easier:
- Launched the Mercari Donation: Easy Donation Settings feature, which enables users to automatically donate an amount of their choice from their sales proceeds, as a step toward realizing a society where people can donate money regularly and seamlessly
- On January 2, 2024, added support for areas affected by the 2024 Noto earthquake as a Mercari Donation recipient; approximately 90% of users who made donations did so with sales proceeds obtained by selling items they no longer needed. 


Donations made through Mercari Donation exceed 174 million yen

As explained in the financial results material, the number of donations made through the Mercari Donation feature, launched in September 2020, reached 150,839 as of January 2024, for a cumulative total of 174,200,850 yen.

Particularly in response to the New Year's Day earthquake that shook Japan's Noto Peninsula, Mercari Donation received contributions from a large number of users beginning on January 2. Currently, donations to the affected areas are channeled to four institutions, namely Ishikawa Prefecture, The Nippon Foundation, UNESCO, and Save The Children.

As of the writing of this article, Mercari Donation has a total of 106 recipients, including 32 local governments, 14 charities, four universities, and 56 circular economy groups.

Click the link below to learn more about donating to Mercari Donation. (Only available in Japanese.) 


You can donate to the relief efforts on the Noto Peninsula through the Mercari Donation: Easy Donation Setting feature

Mercari also launched the Mercari Donation: Easy Donation Setting feature in December 2023, which users can use when listing an item.

Mercari implemented this feature in response to feedback received from users who wanted to make donations through the sale of items in their possession. Using the feature is easy; when the user lists their item, they simply set what percentage of their sales proceeds they want to donate.

Once the item is sold and the transaction is completed, an amount from the user’s sales proceeds corresponding to the pre-set percentage is donated to the recipient of their choice.

Since January 15, "Areas affected by the Noto earthquake" can be designated as a recipient of the Mercari Donation: Easy Donation Setting feature as well.

Visit the Help Center for details. (Available only in Japanese.)

Mercari will continue working to help solve social issues through our Mercari marketplace service.

(Ryohei Takahashi)